Sunday, January 09, 2005

Alcohol Free Cheers

It turns out that alcohol free drinks are delicious, not just for non-drinkers, but for the alcohol friendly as well. Over the course of the holidays supermarkets' alcohol free wine racks were visited so often the demand of such goods soared way over the supply offered. I was surely, positively surprised. Are people becoming more health conscious? There's beer, there's wine, and cider- absolutely delicious and unharmful.

On New Year's Eve, here at my house, there were lots of empty bottles... of Casa Alta's wine without drugs. And all the bottles that were left full? Alcohol containing wine and cider. I thought that was interesting, especially considering that half of the people that were here are drinkers.

Of course, everybody's free and responsible for their own life, and I respect each one's decisions. It's up to you to realize or decide what you're creating for yourself. What we sow is what we reap. So, how do we want to feel? think? act? sleep? What we ingest affects this. We can drink our way into a more pleasant life. To better drinking. 


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