Thursday, January 27, 2005

it's a little bit funny

there are times in your life when you have no idea where you're going, in which direction you should head, how you should organize your goals- heck, you sorta lose your touch for organizing anything- and you even start to wonder about the point of life and what's it all supposed to amount to... and everything.

then, there's a jump start of some sort. and things start getting brighter and lighter and easier to understand. the mental fog begins to clear and you suddenly notice that this road, your life road, has been excellently paved a long, long time ago. and everything starts falling gently into place with an apparent magic touch, and there's this inexplicable but almost tangible synchronicity to all the events and connections that arise- all with perfect timing. and you undoubtedly and wholeheartedly know what the point of life is, what it is you'd mostly like to give in this life... and everything.

to those of you who watched moulin rouge: "it's a little bit funny, this feeling inside."


annush said...

my mom always says "cuando algo esta para ti, hasta el universo se compone..."

Chelle said...

yups. si te toca, te toca. aunque uno se esconda debajo de una piedra, ahi te llega el asunto...!