Wednesday, January 19, 2005

We Are the Drops and God Is the Ocean

Let's talk about The Water Cycle, while my freshly made tea cools up a bit.

There are a gazillion singular drops in the ocean, right? And when they're in the ocean, they are all... Ocean. No drop is comparing, because they're all equally sharing in the grand majesty that is their Home. They all work together, they all move together... they are one.

When the time comes and water is needed in other parts of the universe, a large group of droplets agrees to temporarily and apparently separate from their larger original body. They reach the surface to warm themselves up with the soaked in sun, thus becoming lighter and making it easier to elevate until they reach a place where they can study where water is most necessary, and what they could do to help.

Up there in the sky, jobs are created, and decisions are made to come down to Earth for awhile. These decisions include what shape they will take (rain, sleet, snow, fog, hail, etc.), how they will look, and what role they will play to help certain situations down here get better. Whether it is to feed some plants, protect an animal from the harshness of dryness, or preventing someone from going someplace where something bad could happen, up there, that is decided. The droplets agree, and at the right time each group starts descending in the form that was agreed to in the larger Water Plan. Not all droplets from the same team come down at the same time, though. It depends on what will get the job done.

Once down here, they know they have lots of work to do. Some get sent for longer than others, but each drop must find its way back to the Ocean. For some the path is harder, for others smoother, depending on how often and much they have helped down here before. As they say in the DR, experience isn't improvised.

Sometimes they might get confused because they seem like they are separated from the Ocean, and don't understand how they can still be a part of it. Other droplets wonder if the Ocean even exists- their time away from it makes them forget it. Still another group thinks they are on their way there but have never been in the Ocean. And there's one smaller, crystal gleaming bunch that knows they came from the Ocean, jumped out for awhile, and the point behind the working and gliding is to return to their true nature.

Sooner or later, through cracks and mountain sides, glaciers and mudslides, lakes and rivers, all droplets reunite with their source. And once again they are fully aware that they're made of Ocean, they are Ocean, and no matter where they go, they will give a bit of Ocean. At the end of The Cycle, every drop's destiny is to rejoin... the Ocean.


Edwin R. said...

Man, all that talking about water must have made your cup of tea get luke warm... haha... Cute story tho... I'm more into calling it the Water Cycle/Evaporation/Precipitation/Saturation.. but then again that's too technical to try and compare it to your thought... hehe... I hope you are doing well!

Chelle said...

it was too hot to drink when i began, but then i sorta sipped my way through the writing, so i enjoyed my tea. :P yummy 4 my tummy.