Tuesday, March 22, 2005

dimelo variado

men in bloom
it's spring and it seems like boys are flowering too. obviously previously de-flowered boys, if you know what i mean. (see almost famous.) anyways- point: in between the novelties, past boys seem to re-bloom from time to time, and i am... seasons over. some are anything good you can imagine. some were great potentials. both are in the garden. but, you know, for some reason they also made it to the exit. and although some beauties with their heads in fantasy land might be caught up in an illusion, i'm not into past boys being present boys.

now, about the present men... should you assume i'm looking? i'm getting to know new people. and some are for the friendship thing. people think that whenever a straight person begins a connection with someone from the opposite sex it's for another kind of relationship- which isn't bad at all, but, please, you really never know. and when it's for more, there's always some interesting way in which things develop, so relax and enjoy whichever the outcome.

many conversations
so now everywhere i've been going or all of whom i've been speaking to have included yoga/meditation related conversations. as much as i love it, because of the greatness i've lived as a result of this, i also enjoy speaking about other things. just for the record. i do like to exercise other areas of my mind.

pero, since when do so many people like this? even at a store i was stopped to be asked about these things. como la gente se va enterando que uno esta en eso? no se. amazing. i'm ok with it, but know that you can also place other topics on the table. please, feel free.

el periodico
es bueno saber que diantres esta pasando en la sociedad, pero tambien es importante que esta pasando dentro de ti. me sorprendo al ver tantas personas usando su tiempo para discutir tantas cosas que no les conciernen, sin embargo van dejando asuntos sin resolver de sus propias vidas, se van negando la atencion merecida, y se van desgastando. todo esto se va acumulando hasta que explotan. paz mental, anyone?

quizas si mas de ese tiempo se invirtiera en uno mismo... no se, habria mas gente agradable, y en mejores condiciones para poder ayudar en la sociedad. y quizas despues fuese menos tetrico leer el periodico.

down with love
esta pelicula me encanta. es tan clever. me rei de principio a fin. y la compre. bueno, me la regalaron. y claro, ewan mcgregor lights up the screen. love that actor.

semana santa
gracias a dios que ya no trabajo desde tomorrow. este va a ser un weekend de total renovation. me voy pa un retiro de yoga. que raro! :P

time with friends
it's nice to see that through the years some friendships remain- not the same because that's a lie, everything changes- but meaningful and special. it's nice to spend some time with friends. even if it's a minute a year; when the friendships are worth it, you'll talk like there's been no year in between.

sux having my opinion or state of mind or mood depend upon something outside of me. why should it? why should i have myself be a marionette, being tugged by different threads at will by all sides? voy a esperar a sonreir solo si me sale algo como queria? no puedo sonreir si no? bull feces. claro que puedo. claro que puedo ser feliz aunque las cosas vayan mal. mi atmosfera interior la decido yo. esto, dentro de mi, es mi mundo, yo lo diseƱo. claro que las cosas pueden afectar, tener su efecto en este interior, pero yo decido si lo dejo asi, si lo empeoro, o si busco la manera de verlo diferente y hacer las cosas mejores para mi. estoy de mi lado, o no?


annush said...

I think this is my favorite post of yours. I particularly liked the first 3 parts....not that it should matter, but maybe the fact that I am in total agreement with you on those may have somehting to do with it...hmmmmmmm

Chelle said...

hehe yeah. i knew u'd agree on the first part. como que hello doesn't mean let's have sex.

Noel said...

Hola Michelle!!, thanks for your comment on my page. Yes, that's our good friend, reflecting on my cars window.
Espero que estes bien, take care.

Chelle said...

hey no! esta muy artistico eso. me gusto mucho. i'm doing great. y mira, tenemos un cine pendiente. hope you're fine too!