Wednesday, May 25, 2005

no me la cuenten!

tengo muchas ganas de ver star wars 3, pero in my tight agenda (ahem) i haven't been able to squeeze it in. vamos a ver si este weekend sacio mi curiosidad.

pero no me la cuenten- ni siquiera me digan que anakin se convierte en vader ni nada por el estilo. quiero entrar ahi como que no se nada. i will forget my speculations, plus the obvious, before i go into the theater.

in the meantime, things are going suuuuper.

uy! mother's day es el domingo... gotta get my momma's gift!


Siouxsie said...

hey mich! ya fuiste a verla?!?!

Chelle said...

SIPS!!! liked it, liked it! it's so very interesting to see the process of how he falls into the manipulation of his emotions...

did u see it?