Wednesday, June 01, 2005

David Letterman in Sto. Dgo.

Hey! I know, I haven't been warming up the blog too much. Took a vacation. I've been thinking, that's all. Reshaping my life. Beautiful artwork, I must say- I love free will.

Last night I had so much fun. I laughed so much my throat hurt.

Where was I? Right, viendo a Carlos Sanchez en Casa de Teatro.

Resulta que hay en nuestra hermosa ciudad un very funny stand up comedian! Quien es el? Asi pregunto un amigo mio y otro le respondio: What? You don't know who he is? He is to Santo Domingo what David Letterman is to New York!

I thought that was a cool way of putting it. Y la verdad es que hace reir. Thanks E!


Edwin R. said...


Edwin was here... hehe


Chelle said...

heyyy, estabas perdido!