Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Things I Like

Inspired by Gaby, who was inspired by Gina...

- Walking shoeless on warm sand, and having the waves crash at my feet.

- Chocolate flavored Silk soy milk in gallons!

- Falafels & Hummus & Tabouleh

- Fresh, natural fruit juice

- Indian incense (sandalwood, rose, nag champa, super hit, vanilla...)

- Buying my own things (food, furniture, clothes, etc.) It's like an expression of self-care.

- When I'm patient and loving with myself, and switch my internal dialogue in a positive direction

- Doing the automassage with almond oil in the mornings

- Veggie cooking get-togethers with my friends

- Singing

- Watching movies sometimes all by myself- zero interruptions, sometimes with friends- especially comedies, since laughter is contagious

- Applying the "What can I do to help?" instead of "What's in it for me?"

- Reading an excerpt of the Baghavad Gita and reflecting upon it

- Meditating, and being a witness of it's profound impact in my life

- Like Gaby said, the feeling right after doing hatha yoga

- Listening to music on bus rides

- Travelling by myself to meet with friends

- Emailing! I love keeping in touch and writing real letters.

- Working- I sooo prefer it over having nothing to do

- Laughing

- Feeling cool breeze in my face with my hair completely tied back

- Getting a haircut

- Seeing funky hair colors on others or me

- The RAINBOW, and everything with rainbow colors

- Practicing being happy despite obstacles

- Adidas shoes

- Adidas perfume

- Eating. I love eating. Yummy, healthy, veggie food.

- Resting

- Volunteer work at the yoga center and with the Shriners

- Writing with my left hand

- Putting songs I love on Repeat


Siouxsie said...

beautiful list chelle..i love writing with my left hand as well, i´m a bit obssesed really, it relaxes me and for some reason makes me feel creative..don´t know why. I do it everywhere, at bars while talking to friends, during class while my kids are busy doing work, while talking on the weird

Gabs said...

i always remember you when I hear "Run" de Collective Soul...on repeat! :)

Chelle said...

caro, hahaha, how interesting that you notice it enhances your creativity. that's because it stimulates the other side of the brain you hardly use. so, definitely, it increases that and other things. wakes up what's dormant. it's fun, and a great exercise. :)

gabs! that's so funny. you just made me want to put it on when I get home... it's such a great repeat song..