Friday, June 10, 2005

X-centric Gathering

We had a high school reunion last night at Outback Steakhouse. Even though a few of us were kind of skeptical of how it would go due to past occurences, it ended up being such a wonderful time!

It was so nice to see how everyone's grown. Now, I don't mean this in a physical, material, professional or any such external way. I'm referring to our inner realms, our personalities. It was great to perceive that the general feeling was of positive, open, and honest sharing. There was a genuine interest in each of us for the other, and the night lacked that exaggerated "oh I've missed you so much, we should never grow apart again" detail. Of course, this sentiment was present to a degree, but in a natural, comfortable, calm way, without the accustomed fakeness which generally leads to broken promises. On this occasion, we exchanged our contact information and began planning a second meeting to take place in a couple of weeks.

I'm glad it turned out to be an expression of healed hearts and forgiven egos. At least it was that way for me. I even got a chance to give the finishing touch to a situation that was slightly unmended for years. Oh, I very much enjoyed it! It will sure be a night to remember for those of us who were present. And luckily, a pleasant one.


Bracuta said...

I'm sorry, no pude ir.. Rosita me sacó los pies por un varón!
Je je!
La verdad es que mami tiene "Quirino" (el virus) y papi tenía una reunión del Club de Leones y no la quería dejar sola... además, Rosita tenía una cita con un varón y como que yo no estaba por estar de third wheel..
Ella fue, yo me quedé cuidando a mi mami como niña buena...
Y eso que le había dicho a tia Loly en la tarde que me iba a juntar contigo!!!
Te debo una, así que para la próxima avísame!
Sorry again!

P!nk said...

Parece que los class reunions estan de moda. Socra tuvo la suya una semana antes que la mia..despues fue mi curso a finales de Mayo y ahora tu promoción. Maybe it's something in the air! Que bueno que les fue tan bien, a nosotros gracias a Dios tambien nos fue super.:)

Chelle said...

siii, rosa me dijo del de ustedes, y, claro, sabia del de mi hermano.

me dijo que artie estaba todo wow con su bike, y que fue muy cul. me alegro por igual. ah, y me gusta tu blog!

Chelle said...


ok, por lo menos me alegro que no fue que no las vi! na, you gotta do what you gotta do. igual me avisas si surge algo!