Sunday, July 31, 2005

Did You Know?

- Most materials in a Volvo can be recycled.

- Brad Pitt used to dress like a chicken to make a living before he got famous.

- Commercial chickens are not allowed to sleep or rest so they can be forced to eat all day, are cruelly de-beaked, get ulcers and worms on their legs because of standing their whole lives in their own urine and feces and an incredible amount of insects and bacteria. Their legs break because of all the injected hormones which make the "meat" grow so fast that they cannot withstand the weight. And many other things.

- Being attached to someone and not wanting to let go does not equal loving that person.

- Scientology claims it teaches people to think for themselves, yet they've got a monitor feeding answers to Katie Holmes in all her publicity interviews, and off the public eye, this monitor and 2 other scientologists, are on her back 24/7. The monitor says she is Katie's best friend. (They met 6 weeks ago.) In one interview, when asked about Tom Cruise, she told Katie, "You adore him." True love or Scientology puppets?

- A person's true character can be best appreciated when things do not go the way he or she wants them to. What comes out in such circumstances is what you're really made of.

- Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins) cried after filming the last scene of The Lord of the Rings.

- Yoga is a philosophy, not a religion.

- Human beings have the ability to choose to be happy NO MATTER WHAT.


annush said...

hmmmm...i don't see how someone who is living with AIDS, living in say Somalia, not having eaten in days, who has seen their whole family die of a number of things can choose to be happy.

I would have to disagree with you fully on that last statement. Sometimes happiness is not an option. Under normal circumstances, however, sure.

Chelle said...

yes, we see that differently. as i see it, happiness does not depend on what goes on outside of us, but inside. no one says it has to be easy.

if we only wait for things to be a certain way, we'll be waiting for too long, or only living "fake happiness" for short moments, because something not quite right is always bound to happen.

when everything is normal... that's hardly a reality for anyone... no one would be happy, really, if you'd just wait for that to come.

there are many people in this world with super tough life situations that are a lot happier than those of us who are apparently luckier, so it can happen.

annush said...

i don't think we are in agreement in terms of our definitions of happiness. It sounds to me like your definition of happiness is more like satisfaction as oppossed to actual joy derived happiness.

pero nada.

we can agree to disagree.

Chelle said...

ey, me gusto esa- we can definitely agree to disagree, and we do, hehe. and that's cool.:)

i also mean joy derived happiness, the kind that flows through our entire being from God or whatever you want to call that concept from which creation is born. the kind that comes from within, and not from outside of us. the kind that is lasting and unconditional, not relative to circumstance. in sanskrit it's called ananda, which means immense bliss or ecstasy of the spirit.

i think it's something we all have access to... it's just that we're not really taught about it much.

pero na, eso mimo :P

LocuTus of Borg said...

That is why I only eat free-range, non-hormone chicken from Whole Foods. ewww to think of eating a Purdue chicken garosse!!

Attached vs. loving ... exactly!

Thank you for the last statement.

Think I might steal this from you if it is ok? ;)

Chelle said...

Yups, whole foods are best!

You're welcome, and sure, no problem. Be my guest. :)