Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Free Sauna At Work

Oh, my workplace was a complete sauna today. It turns out most people are on vacation so they chose these days to provide maintenance for the air conditioners... oh what a parade of concentrated heat and headache threats. I ended up taking various trips to and from my office, taking that work which I could do without my computer to the Multi-Purpose Room, more commonly known as the Blue Room.

In the Blue Room, however, the temperature was quite the opposite. Sweaters were called for. So it balanced out. There's so much I do on the comp, mostly everything really, that I had to go into the desert zone often. But when I went with the chills from the very effective AC in my temporary office, the heat of my permanent one was more bearable- at times, even soothing. Of course, I could've regulated the temperature in the other room, but, you see, whenever I'd spend a few minutes in that excerpt of hell, all I wanted was that icy air.

It's amazing, though, to see how much we rely on computers. Work is so much faster on a screen than on sheets of paper. If you need to update anything, it's a piece of cake. Imagine before when people would have to rewrite the whole thing to change something like a date, maybe. No thanks. I like my virtual desktop much better than the physical desk.

Speaking of computers, finally, my new computer arrived, though I have not received it yet. I only know it is in the country. It shall be very cool. At last I will get to write all of those things I have pending. Now all I have to do is find the time.


LocuTus of Borg said...

So its like that there as well as in Florida. Sometimes sucks wearing glasses, because I go outside and can't see for minutes because they are all fogged up. I hate going from the hot to cold, hot to cold, hot to cold. Makes you get sick.

Time .... good luck haha

Chelle said...


Luckily, that was already fixed, and today I even had to wear a sweater in the morning in my office. I can think better now

I know whatcha mean about glasses... I wear them when I rest my contacts!