Monday, August 22, 2005

"Dominican Republic, WTF?!?" -Ja Rule

Vin Diesel @ DR.

What- you think I went for Ja Rule? Ke passs. Part of the reason was Diesel, the other? The fact that I'd go with Bonche, so that meant free, VIP, backstage, & onstage. The original intention was to enjoy the show from the very front of the front row, just to see what the big deal was- I'd never been to that kind of concert, and to laugh and have a good time. And it rained on us!!! So what, life goes on, right?

The Bonche Girlz, 2 soaked bloggerz.

So, right, I just wanted to have a good time, and we thought we'd secured quite the spot, but behind and beside us there were some girls who are not familiar whatsoever with the concept of self control. So we were only on that privileged spot for the opening (DJ Miguelo, I think, and Dominican hip hop group Lo Correcto.) Imagine, Ms. Peaceful Lifestyle with a hip banger, bad word blurter, who really loved her music and was a real fan, to one side, and a desperate, I-don’t-care-if-I-break-your-necks-as-long-as-I-catch-that-CD behind… You can imagine. I had to apply my patience and centered breathing. Obviously, we dissed the spot right before Ja Rule was to go on, and went backstage.

The next part was cool, when Vin got there, and when he went onstage and said something to the DR which I forgot. Then the rest was Ja Rule cursing with music and in between songs, and the beat making people shake their booties, you know, keeping it real.

We left right before it ended to avoid the exiting mass. But before we left I just had to go onstage to get a closer look at the sleeveless Diesel man. (He spent the whole concert onstage behind his performing friend.) We laughed soooooo much. With all due respect to Ja Rule lovers- there's different things for different tastes, but personally, I didn't find him to be much in the line of mine. If only he had cursed a little less... or not at all... Still, it was great fun!


(Este fue mi primer post desde Word, pero que va, tuve que editarlo en Blogger comoquiera!!!)


Anonymous said...

Eso dique fue un desastre...

Muy buenas las fotos.

annush said...

why dooes it look like you are screaming like a groupie on that pic?? hahahahaha

Chelle said...

zus- organization-wise it sure was, my gosh. i feel sorry for those who paid y pasaron to ese trabajo. y sobre las pix, thanx, my older brother's work of art. :)

ana- hahaha, because we are! bonche groupies, that is. desde ke vimos que mi hermano nos enfoco, nos pusimos a gritar, y luego cuando la vimos, dike ey, pero everyone else salio chilling, y nosotras todas AHHHHH ke passs?!? pero he thought it was cool so he put it up anyway.