Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Good Morning Chelle!

Tengo sueño... I wonder why...

Well, yesterday was quite a busy day... filled with doctors, I might add... morning, afternoon, and night! But all added to my health in one way or another- be it for reasons related to the following realms of human existence: physical, mental, spiritual, humor, taking my life more seriously, open communication, placing greater value on my health, thinking of enhancing my beauty, respecting myself, thanking the benefits of doing things right from the start, and daring to face and follow my goals through to realization. Ha! They sound like special doctors! And they are, each in their own way.

I'm special too. :) And so are you.

Well, I'll share that I've got one eye on the right side, and the other's on the other side, just one more week to go. (If you didn't get that, it's OK, don't worry.) I also had some acupuncture done to elevate and regulate something that needs both. (It's so absolutely cool, you feel a sort of tingly current flowing when you've got those needles in. It's relaxing too.) I was asked if I felt better... when I never verbally mentioned that I'd just gone through a profoundly difficult minute... in another room... but that doctor's like that... he knows. And I was compared to a troll due to its small size and colorful hair.

Yesterday was also filled with music. We recorded a session and heard it afterwards and I was like "she sings well". I really enjoyed hearing myself- no negative thoughts! That was new.

Another thing I will share, unrelated to the above mentioned, is that on Sunday I was able to do something I had never done before (in this life). For the first time since I can remember I was able to put my whole weight on my left foot, on tip toe, while going up a flight of stairs! Most of you probably did that the first time you ever went up any stairs. :D It's amazing the things we take for granted. My thanks go to that demanding Hatha Yoga session our instructor directed on Saturday.

Must go to work. Showers of love your way!

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