Sunday, September 25, 2005

This Lady and Gentlemen

For a person who perceived herself as self-sufficient and complete without any external masculine manifestation of support, - I was going to write something else here, but I have just realized that I still consider myself as self-sufficient and complete without any external masculine manifestation of support. The difference now is that even though I see myself as complete, I can now accept and welcome when a man comes along and offers a cascade of details which express caring and thoughtfulness and love (fatherly, friendly, romantic, etc.) as opposed to before, when I interpreted this as some kind of message that I was somehow incapable of doing things myself. Since I thought I wasn't, I rejected these well intentioned advances, refuting the stereotypical view of women as weak and helpless and strived to prove that I was well enough off by doing it myself. Granted, I had the hugest ego, and this fired up the necessity to have myself shine by my own efforts and not share the glory of my success with another, much less a man, which would've been insulting.

But now that my ego is in healthier shape, I can know each person is integral and needless of another as an appendix, and, at the same time, accept that we can smoothly exchange our help and not have this mean that we'd like to diminish each other's fullness of being. I can now, as a woman, accept a man's advances of a gentlemanly attitude, and admire and love and recognize and honor and cherish and thank for and even reinforce it.

These days I've been lucky to receive pourings of thoughtful details and be amazed by the selflessness of such acts- which of course derive from selflessness in thought. But it is not solely that these things are out there, but that there's been such a revolution in here (picture me pointing at myself) that I can value this as it deserves to be acknowledged.

Gentlemen, I honor and recognize the divine in your kind expressions, and I would like to express my utmost gratitude regarding your excellent examples. With those who are honest in their giving, I am pleased to be a lady anytime.


Humour and last laugh said...


::over-whelmed:: said...

im alwyas pleased to be a lady =).. im glas u found ur inner balance.. and realized that just cause company knocks on by it doesnt mean ur not independent.. =).. we all need a little extra love once in a while.. hehe..

Chelle said...


i am very glad i have as well. i'm learning that true independence actually allows you to share more. yeah, love is good, haha.