Friday, November 11, 2005

Standing O! OMG!


That was sooo cool. The Staff rocked. (That's what the band was called.) Standing ovation on both songs! The first one was sung by fellow blogger and co-worker Rob - el pana se la comio! The rest of the gang was really great as well. Lovely, simply lovely.

I had loads of fun. Sooo glad I joined the guys and did the song. I got showers of positive feedback, invitations to dinner, self-proclaimed fans... Hellow, the Big Boss at the institution I work for came this morning to my office and said, "I was blown away."

He's an artist himself, might I add, and a very exigent and efficient person. (He also said he's soooo going to Casa de Teatro next weekend!) So that is, in itself, quite a compliment.

I also loved watching the other performers. It was just such a wonderful experience! I know I compare myself a lot to the way I used to be, pero es que de verdad, I don't cease to be amazed by the grand effects of meditation.

Before I would've been extremely critical and perfectionist about my singing- I would've been attentive to everything going on outside of me while I was singing, while acting out the opposite. I wouldn't have been satisfied by my performance, because I used to count the mistakes I made, and remembered that instead of what went well. I wouldn't have accepted the compliments very well- either doubting their truth or avoiding their acceptance because I didn't want a bigger ego. I also used to think, oh here comes another one. And regarding the other performers- I would've been equally critical of them, and I would've had trouble accepting that the others kicked butt, especially if they were female.

But NOW??? OMG! I had the grandest amount of fun ever in a concert. I wasn't perfectionist at all, I simply gave my best in that moment- and, yes, there were a couple of nano seconds I would've liked to have produced something better, but it was still awesome because I was living it and feeling it and it was real. The response I received I accepted fully, no doubts and no ego, just a humble and appreciative Thanks! And I enjoyed the rest of the promising artists, and complimented them! Girls too! :P

I can't really explain the way I feel, the difference I see, how much fun I can have without unnecessary thoughts in the way... I wish I could, but it's something one has to live for oneself to see.

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