Thursday, November 10, 2005

Such A Pleasure

OK, so I'm singing tonight. It's just one song, it's a varied recital that includes many kinds of acts, but it's so cool! Sometimes little things are most meaningful. I took some time off the stage for enough of a while. It's about time I get back into the habit of melodic voice projecting.

When I do small things like this and feel all that excitement, I remember how much I really like this. Music simply rocks. Singing is such a pleasure. I enjoy it so very much. I thank God for my vocal chords. I feel like I'm gliding when I sing and am into it.

Now I can enjoy it much more than before! There's so many things I am not worrying about externally, that I can actually get a bigger inner kick out of it.

And speaking of inner kicks... that's not the only elating thing going on inside of me as I write. I don't know which has a bigger influence on which, or which I was avoiding more than the other, but both are curiously obviously present in my life and currently going and feeling great. I wouldn't trade this for anything. I have no idea what's going to happen in either areas, I can only hope for the best... for what helps me and others become better people... for what God knows will help me evolve... whatever includes more love and truth and peace and harmony, that's what I want. And I just want to be me, you know, openly and simply me. Happy me.

Well, I also have my selfish wishes, I know... I'm human.

The song I'm singing is The Cranberries' "Dreams"... which I adore singing, and I still can't get over the fact that it's a love song. :P

"Para estar bonita, hago cosas que me hacen feliz."
- Ely Guerra


Anonymous said...

I saw you performing last night, It was AMAZING! I didnt know until last night that you were a singer with such a powerfull voice. It really got my attention and I will hopefully be there the 19th at CAsa de Teatro to continue celebrating your great talents!

en horabuena! Exitos!


Chelle said...

Oh, wow! Thank you much, Orling! :D