Tuesday, November 15, 2005


And now the other side of the coin... (see yesterday's post.)

First of all:
"My life is changing everyday, in every possible way." - The Cranberries, Dreams

I must say, that just as there are showers of apparently bad challenges, there is a storm of apparently good ones!

"Don't judge a book by its cover." -Unknown

What may seem like obvious blessings to you, are experiences that are really hard for me. You would ask me why I'm whining, and I would tell you I am not. I will not whine, I will not complain. I acknowledge their greatness, and although I am super excited, I am also aware of how difficult these new experiences are, and how careful I must be in dealing with them so they serve as the positive promise they contain, and not as something that will hurt me. I am aware that this is entirely up to me.

Because nothing is totally good, and nothing is totally bad:
"Only a Sith deals in absolutes."
-Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode III

I choose which side of The Force I want to be on in every single moment. What will I express? What will I add to in the universe? What will be my focus?

So I do appreciate the chances I have to face and surpass things I thought I couldn't do, and I will show myself that I can. Correction, I am showing myself that I can. Difficult and scary as these experiences may be, I am to focus on everything awesome I do have to give. We all have many qualities that produce beauty. We can all become better right this second, just by deciding it.

I know the only reason I am provided with these situations is because I have the tools within me to manage them well. So, yes, I will dig in and bring them out and handle them each at their time, and every time they come I will think "You're quite welcome."

I'll deal with it:
"Come what may." -Moulin Rouge


Jan said...

Hello! I liked a lot your post and your blog. I'm brazilian, still learning English, and I'd love to learn Spanish, I noticed in another post you mixed both languages in some sentences..
It is very nice to read things you wrote, not only because you write very well in English, but also because you write things that urge us to think about our life and things we can and should do better.. ( I'm sure that my English is terrible and I'm making a lot of mistakes to write here, please don't laugh! lol..) I intend always come and read your blog, and practice my English this way. Bye bye, have a nice day!

Chelle said...

hello jan! thanks! your english is very good, but the most important thing is getting the message accross- perfection is not the point. but i'm glad this could provide that for you, and that is precisely why i write, because i am thinking about my life and things i can do better. :D

you're quite welcome to come by any time!