Friday, December 09, 2005


Being me is being so cool. Just being open and expressing what I think and feel when I do... not leaving things behind... not worrying so much about what other people will think... and it turns out that people are more accepting than I would've thought. It's so weird! But if they're not, so what? Life goes on!

I once read somewhere that so much of our energy goes into upholding our importance... and that if we could just give up some of that importance, we would be able to appreciate the grandeur of life. (Don't be surprised if it was in a Deepak Chopra book, hehe.) But it's true.

I am now openly admitting my mistakes, not creating these protective massive barriers that only served to isolate and repress. Now I flow and build more bridges as I speak more of my truth.

They say those who lie a lot lose strength in their voice, power to be heard and believed- even if the other people don't know they're lying. Their vibrations get weaker. Those who speak the truth... are more likely to be heard when they speak, and believed. Their voices acquire more strength and will have a more powerful effect.

I still don't know how people don't accept the fact that we can sense things that are unspoken. Everyone knows this... yet very few people really openly accept that kind of idea. Of course people can sense when you're lying. Of course people can sense when you're telling the truth. And what do you think is more loving? Crap feeding or honoring reality? The truth shows respect.


MAURO said...

lo peor de todo es que despues que se descubre la mentira aparecen mas. solo con la finalidad de justificar las anteriores. esto solo crea un circulo vicioso de mentiras y engaƱos. it's kindda lame. es peor aun, cuando esas mentiras ya ni se reconocen como tales sino que esa persona las empieza a asumir como reales y las empieza a vivir..
me gusta como piensas

Chelle said...

:D gracias!

estoy sumamente de acuerdo contigo... me acuerda a tu post de la manipulacion... lo peor de todo no es lo este pasando afuera, no es que uno consiga "lo que uno quiere" a base de falsedades, es que por dentro uno se siente HORRIBLE! todo el tiempo! porque uno esta consciente de lo que esta haciendo. de verdad, como se disfruta conseguir algo en base a eso???

me siento mas ligera y mas feliz, aunque tenga que decir algo dificil, si digo la verdad. y es mas facil seguir adelante, porque no tengo nada que esconder ni que arrastrar, ni el lio que mencionas.

es una pena que hayamos aprendido tantas cosas estupidas para aparentar ser lo que no somos, y por apego a que las cosas sean de X manera. y si te atreves a tratar de enfrentar la verdad??? de ser realmente quien eres? quizas te sorprendan los resultados!

no se, pero yo le he cogido el gusto a ir descomplicandome... gracias a dios! :)

yami said...

hola mich!!!!!!!!!

lies are lame, boring,stupid but most of all unneccesary ( there might be to many "n's or c's there),it's creativity at it's worst!!!

but hey!

espero que estes bien en nuestra little isla... mucha luz.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Mich,
saw you online but when I went to say hi you were gone. Finding our true self is hard and at times painful, but it helps when we are honest especially to ourselves. Transcending liying can get difficult, but we keep trying. Love your blogpage!

Amor y mucha Luz,

Agustina said...

Ok. so here is my contact info, wasn't sure how to do it...
We all seem to be trailing the same course...


Chelle said...


nice to have u by!! see u in brazil, right?