Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Boy, this facing my fears thing is turning out to be quite an enjoyable ride! What I used to avoid, because I thought I would feel like the biggest fool if I tried it, has turned out to be mega manageable. It's so opposite than what I had in mind. I actually feel more relieved, free, detached and comfortable after each formerly terrifying threat is confronted and lived through in all honesty and transparency. And, you know what? Admitting that I'm afraid of some things absurd dwindles their monster quality and makes them look even dumb and unchallenging. (I'm not talking about people here, I'm referring to situations.) So, when I dare to live it, I'm finding that there's really no reason to be afraid of that afterall. And even if I still am (cus sometimes we don't have logical reactions to some things), it doesn't matter. I can still go on living and facing it.

The difference between a coward and a brave person is not that one feels fear and the other does not. Both feel the same fear. The difference is in the approach that is taken. The coward chooses to hide, to run away, deny, repress, avoid... The brave person decides to face the challenge, admit things, speak the truth, be honest and open... The brave person takes the risk.

We're all afraid of different things. That's OK. The problem is not having fears or frailties, the problem arises when we don't do what we can to make these situations better. Accepting and facing what we think of as threats is the first step to learning how to handle them. And we have to make an effort to release our attachment to the results... We should not try to force things to be a certain way. The end does not justify the means. I've been seeing that most of the time life has a better idea... Although we might not get it at the moment, eventually we always do.

Regardless of what I used to think before, I feel so much happier every time I dare to be more me. I'm not thinking about whether other people might or might not understand or agree with this approach, or about whether it will end up as I would want it to, I'm just into being honest and true to myself in each present moment. And whenever I am, whenever I decide to be brave instead of a coward, I feel such satisfaction... I remember each time that I can do it, and so can you. Of course, all at its time.

"The worst part is the anticipation." - A doctor


Libélula said...

"I do not regret the things that I have done, but those that I did not do"...I always say that it's better to face your fears and go for whatever's in your heart...the worst thing in life is a "what if"...

Chelle said...


that is mega true...

hay que VIVIR cada segundo!