Friday, December 16, 2005

"The Next Time Someone's Teaching Why Don't You Get Taught?" - Run DMC

One never knows who our giving will end up affecting... One never knows when our kind words are returning hope to a person's life, or when our harshness of attitude is destroying all desire for them to go on... Perhaps we should be more careful... and less quick to judge by appearances.

I think there is someone that I treated as if he or she were me... and I really have no idea where their present attitude comes from... perhaps I should have had more tact, I could've been more careful... Well, I can't change the past, so from now on I will have more tact and be more careful... I really wouldn't like to discourage this being from continuing to live as best as he or she has, and I wouldn't like him or her to disembark from the direction of progress. That is such a delicate issue.

Who am I to decide what is convenient for another, or how they should go on about their life? I can only do this for me.

The same thing happens the other way around. No one knows just how much I'm learning from all of you and when... You can't imagine just how much value some of your words have had for me... you don't know when you might be teaching and I might be getting taught.

This to and fro of goodies is an ongoing thing.

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