Saturday, December 17, 2005


At last! I've found a store that sells Adidas perfume! This is not that easy to find... and it's not just here... even in New York, to name another place, it's hard to find.

Originally, the one I love is Moves, by Adidas, which I still have, but it was supposedly discontinued- and no web or physical search proved succesful for finding a new bottle to have when this one finishes. Then they came out with a new line, in which they included 4 options for women and I wanted to find a store who had 'em first so I could smell the different options before I made my choice. Well, today was my lucky day! I found a place! And I bought myself the Citrus Energy Perfume. Ah, what a refreshing scent!

But right now, as I was searching for pics for this post... guess what I found? Tons of Moves bottles available for buying! Those weren't available before! But that's cool, I can get one of those too. :)

Today I also got Xmas colors on my hair. Yeah, like hair dye. Purty cool.

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