Friday, December 23, 2005

OUT UNTIL JAN. 4, 2006

Ma Peepz!

I am off to Brazil today, to Rio de Janeiro… Not to be a Girl of Ipanema or watch Samba dancers or catch some Bossa Nova gigs (although hopefully I’ll get to do that in the last couple of days) but, for the first part, to make the best investment I can for myself in this life.

The purpose of this trip is a week long yoga retreat- which consists of silence, fasting (with water, lemon, and honey), hatha yoga, but most of all, meditation (10 hours a day).

It’s not an easy deal. Sometimes it might be unpleasant. I won’t be partying or watching the amazing New Year’s celebration at the beaches of Rio which is so famous. I won’t be involved in any holiday chatter with my friends. I won’t spend the 24th or 31st with my family.

For 7 days I will be waking at 3am to shower and, starting at 4am, all I will do is meditate for 2 hours, rest for 2 hours (during this time, 2-3 glasses of water, lemon and honey), until 10pm- with an occasional hatha yoga session and zero thoughts expressed in external conversation.

Yes, some of you have heard me talk about how great this is, how happy I am to go, and how much I love it, yet that does not eliminate its difficulty factor. It would be much easier to get some pretty dresses and “enjoy” the holidays. But the easiest choice is not always the most convenient one. Sometimes to achieve something that’s worth it, you gotta go through tough times. To grow and mature in a dignified way, one must learn to go beyond hardships and use experiences as training. KEEP IN MIND THAT THESE RETREATS ARE ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. So yes, I am knowingly choosing this.

This won’t be the first time I do this for me, and I can tell you, the difference I feel after I come out of there- I don’t even have words for it. There’s nothing that compares to that. So anytime I can attend one of these, I’m in! Hats off to whoever was involved in perfecting this technique of meditation. My eternal gratefulness to life for my having been able to learn it.

So this year, I give myself the best Xmas present I could possibly provide. I will tell you about my experience when I get back.

In the meantime, I hope you have a very Blissful Xmas and a most Joyful New Year!!! And if it's not: MAKE IT!!!

See you in 2006! (God willing)



Khakra said...

bon voyage!

Mich said...

como leerás esto cuando regreses, no te desearé buen viaje sino buen regreso. espero que esta experencia sea la mejor que has tenido y seguirán mejorando mientras tengas más. un abrazo.

Anonymous said...

You're Nuts. No Booze the 31'st and no food for 3 weeks, just lemmonade and honey?
You're Nuts.

Janusi said...

lol, yes, I agree with that one who said you are Hello, I'm Janusi, the brazilian girl, here again to take a look, and I see you came here, thats great! I couldn't understand so much of the text, traveling to do yoga?! ( and some other things, lol!), but no I wish you have a wonderful 2006!! Byebye.

Chelle said...

lol! yeah, i've heard that before.

still, i continue going right? cus it's mega worth it!