Wednesday, December 14, 2005


This was told to me:

You can learn from everybody
You are better than no one
Teachings can come from anybody
Be open and willing to learn

Do not attack
Do not exert pressure on another to grow
Forget about others thinking like you
Why should they grow, because you say so?
Everyone has their time

Everyone has their process
Even if apparently the person isn’t remotely into growing
Respect them
They too have their maturing going on
They too will have their own growth
And they could surprise you

Remember everyone goes through an individual path
You cannot compare or expect anyone to do it like you
It’s OK, wherever another is, it’s OK
They have a right to live, to find out their own way
And so do you

Don’t go by appearances
Life has a way of sending what you need
Of including it in unexpected packages
It’s not the wrapping that counts
It’s what’s within
You are always getting what you need

Nothing happens for nothing
Nothing happens by chance
Nothing is wasted in the universe

If you are in a certain situation
It’s only because there’s something for you there
There are no mistakes

Be open to what you have to live
Learn from it
Accept it, embrace it

You don’t have to be the knower of everything
And you can learn tons from those you think you wouldn’t

Be humble
Be thankful
Be innocent
Be honest

Value yourself much much much
Love yourself
Respect your needs and your wants

And respect the other

Don’t hold back in your living
Don’t let life just pass you by
And don’t fly through it
Live it
Live every single second of it
Squeeze the life out of life
Take advantage of your experiences
Learn from them
Grow from them
Honor them
Thank them

You are always in the right place and at the right time
To learn exactly what you need to learn

Everything is perfect
Everything is as it should be
Because the whole universe is as it should be
And God is within it all
God is also within you

Do not hold back.

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