Tuesday, December 13, 2005

That's Nice to Hear!

How wonderful life is!
Though some experiences may suck

I like how following apparently illogical hunches
Turn out to be so balancing in universal accounting
I dislike how sometimes I don't understand things
But I know that I don't have to

I like how I am not necessary
For things to happen or life to go on
I dislike how much pressure I exert on myself
But I'm learning I don't need to, cus it'll be OK anyway

I like how I am everyday communicating more
And being as Crystal Clear as I am ready to be
I dislike how I create these invisible walls
On which I slam myself and cut my giving short

I like how I am giving more attention to my heart
Following what I want even more, cus I am worth my efforts
I dislike how I stop doing or saying what I want
For what I've wrongly learned is correct or not

But I'm working on it, I'm working on me
I am learning how to be OK with my duality
I am learning it's always OK to be me
Foot in my mouth, excellence, mistakes, stupidities, beauty, fear, security, doubts, wisdom, and much more, plus all the grand amounts of love I have to give- IT IS ALL ME!

And that's OK!

How wonderful life is! Including light and dark!


henry siteber said...

It's sad how many of us run from ourselves, as if to avoid seen how terrible we really are.
We spend our lives complaing about how ordinary our lives are. Then something happens and we realize how great ordinary was.

Chelle said...

as much as we can have a terrible side, we also have a wonderful one. our lives will be depending on which side we decide to express in each moment.

situations, things, people will always change. instead of clinging to the past, we should best invest in the present to create a better future.

much love!