Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Call Me Chelle

Cute Song: Jack Johnson's Better Together

Color I'm Wearing the Most Right Now: Pink (Hair, Shirt, Shoes, etc.)

Fruit Juice: Strawberry & Banana

Something Valuable:
My Self

To Keep in Mind: Not judging others. Accepting them as they are. And before being too quick to pinpoint their flaws, remembering that I should redirect that attention to working on mine instead.

Difficult But Worth It: Loving freely, for real, without "charging" for what you give.

Highlight Today: Suuuper Busy. Makes me really think about what I've had the chance to learn about handling stress, and make a stronger commitment to apply it, while being mega grateful for the little knowledge I've acquired and what I'm still to learn.

Highlight Yesterday: Awesome conversation on stuff I like to talk about, and seeing how life puts everything in place effortlessly. You get what you need at exactly the right time, and in the exact way you need it.

Highlight Tomorrow: Challenges, more challenges to come to help me grow. That it will be a result of what I'm choosing today.

Needs Constant Vigilance: Self-Esteem

Anything Else? Let it flow and let it go.


P!nk said...

Jack Johnson is awsome!

Chelle said...

hola hija!

sips ke lo esh.