Wednesday, January 25, 2006

That's the Way... I Like It

It's as if this fell from the sky
Perfect arrangement- both ways
And you know, I think that's how it always is
We get confused because apparently there are so many changes
But when you look closely at every single moment
The way all atoms, flickering into and out of existence, are arranged
Life is pretty much like that MacGyver TV Show
All the necessary tools are there
Everything that is convenient for me is available to me
Right now
And everything that's not, it's because it's not the best idea yet
I think this is much in my favor
I plan to enjoy this, and not to rationalize it
Synchronicity does not happen in straight lines


Pototo said...

disfruta cada momento como si fuera el ultimo!!! pero acuerdate que tambien despues vas a tener que dar cuenta de ellos!

Chelle said...

sips, siempre con conciencia