Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Es Ke No Hay Coincidencias

I just saw this in today's newspaper, said by the actual Pope, Benedict XVI.

"There can't be peace without truth."


- You Know Who. said...

Lies, War and Evilness is needed to keep the world turning. If there was only Peace, Love, Truth and harmony, the world would stop spining and traslating, having catastrophic results.

I'll try to see ya saturday.

Good Luck!

-You Know Who.

Chelle said...

I think I know. :P

Yes, life is about balance. There's people for everything, and each is entirely free to choose.

I like the PLTH side of things better. I like learning how to be more honest with myself each day. But I only choose for me. :D


Gabs said...

I agree balance is natural and necessary; but I really hope we don't NEED all the bad crap to keep the world spinning. Maybe we can't realistically expect to erode all of the shit from the world but I think only good can come from EVERYONE at least aiming for the PLTH side.

Chelle said...

jaja, connection! :P like the way u write.

oh, we don't need it. just because something exists doesn't mean we need to use it. fortunately.

for instance, if you're going to eat and they set before you a plate of mud and a plate of food on the table, which will you have? the mud plate exists, but you don't have to choose it. even though without mud we don't grow food, that doesn't mean you have to eat it.

at least aiming, i like that. we don't have to be saints today. we're not. but we can definitely try to be at least one bit more inclined to the PLTH each day.

we can't cleanse the world with a snap, but each of us can gradually erode our own crap.

Alex said...

The info I have is that Venus and even Mars keep turning around the Sun despite the fact that there is NO WAR there. Please let me know if you guys have evidence those planets aren´t turning or otherwise are at war. PLTH

Chelle said...