Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Love Is Pure/ I Saw an Angel/ Of That I'm Sure

The 4 core values of the International Society of Divine Realization (the one responsible for our yoga centers) are:

Peace, Love, Truth, & Harmony

Now, we often see people sign off with Peace and Love- and Harmony is easily understood. But Truth... I've seen a person signing off with Peace, Love, and Harmony, yet leaving out Truth. I think that is the most elusive one.

Why should it be so important as to be included as one of the 4 fundamental qualities for an organization which promotes spiritual growth? In a world in which Truth is so often covered up and twisted and painted and denied and taken for granted, one would easily get confused into thinking it's really not that crucial to live a life that's full.

I'm just a student here, learning, just like you- studying life and wondering and discovering. Lately there has been so much focus on that subject, but not about other people's Truth. Not about discussions on proving or uncovering any evidence. No. Of becoming more in touch with my own Truth. Knowing and accepting what I think and feel in each moment, and being true to that. Not locking myself up in predisposition, because as I live my concepts and priorities might change, and I must be true to my revved up views as long as they are present and honest.

To love, purely, one must be genuine. I must be genuine.


Anonymous said...

Por qué todo tiene que ser en inglés?

Chelle said...

La mayoria, porque tambien leen personas que no hablan español. :)