Sunday, January 08, 2006

My Life is Brilliant

I would really like to know why you don't finally allow yourself to live completely openly and freely. Why is it that you bring up excuses time and again to limit yourself in your pure potential? You are everything that you wish to be, yet you keep those beautiful qualities buried up inside you until... when?

We are such experts in postponing our happiness- have you noticed? Instead we could be using our time to educate ourselves in the creation and maintenance of our own bliss. But it's so much easier to let life just roll on by, and blame him or her or certain circumstances for the way things are and not accept our responsibility in the matter. You chose all of this, remember?

It is harder to realize that the way my life is depends on me, on my views, on my choices, on my thoughts, on my actions, on what I've made out of the experiences I've been living. Of course that's hard. That means I created everything I'm living, and that means that my future is entirely fabricated by myself. That would mean that everything that sucks right now is my responsibility... and that would also mean that I have it in me to make it better... but that's too much, right? It's too spotlighting, too empowering, too heavy to carry, too much responsibility, too much maturing required, too much commitment, too much reality facing.

Well, dear, but that is the truth. Yes, it is big. Yes, it is scary. Yes, it means looking at life in a completely different way... but if it means living what's real, please, come in, make yourself at home. The truth is often difficult to digest. But it's always going to be more pleasant than a lie, because it helps you grow. It makes you feel loved. It makes you feel respected. It reminds you that you are cared for- by yourself most of all, when you realize that you are willing to accept what is real. Even when swallowing harshness you will always feel better when you know you’re being brave enough to be a dignified man or woman. It's so internally rewarding.

Fantasies break. They are based on fear, on control, on ego, on insecurity. They have no solid basis and they will sooner or later fade like sand falling through your fingers… until you are left with nothing. They may comfort you, relatively and temporarily, but bubbles pop and reality smacks you in the face again. And you suffer because you don’t possess the inner tools to handle it. That wishing things were different time can be used instead to get ready to manage whatever comes along. We can train ourselves to be the very kind of human beings that inspire us. We can be heroes in our own lives. But not for the sake of what other people say… for you. You must begin by being a hero for you. Try it!

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