Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Go Ahead Despite Your Fear

Don't let your fear stop you
We all have them; fears
But it is in spite of this
That we have to go forward and up
That which is such a challenge to you
Is precisely what you need to overcome
Daring to do it is the only way
Not escaping; going through with it
So go ahead despite your fear
And allow yourself to live this
Gracefully, lovingly, truthfully
Don't picture your defeat
Before you've even tried it
Accept the possibility of succeeding
And thank yourself for giving you the chance.


Queen Yvette said...

Very inspirational... Suena como algo que debemos recitar todos los dias al levantarnos...

Chelle said...

hehehe, me levante con ese thought, actually. me lo repeti hasta que le hice caso. feel so much lighter now. :)

maximo de la cruz said...

Es muy refrescante,optimista tu mensaje y uno deberia sentirse asi cada maƱana,al comenzar cada dia.

Chelle said...

thx guys :)