Thursday, February 09, 2006

Serenity During Whatever It Should Be

"Only the heart knows the correct answer. Most people think the heart is mushy and sentimental. But it's not. The heart is intuitive; it's holistic, it's contextual, it's relational. It doesn't have a win-lose orientation. It taps into the cosmic computer- the field of pure potentiality, pure knowledge, and infinite organizing power- and takes everything into account. At times it may not even seem rational, but the heart has a computing ability that is far more accurate and far more precise than anything within the limits of rational thought."

Please read page 9 of this demo of a book called Serenity. I came accross it while searching for that Deepak Chopra quote (above) which I soooo like.


Mich said...

Dónde está el libro completo? :P

Chelle said...

Cual, el del quote del corazon o el del link? (Son 2 diferentes)

Chelle said...

El del quote es
Las Siete Leyes Espirituales del Exito de Deepak Chopra (hasta en el Multicentro lo venden)

El otro, Serenity, realmente no se pq no lo habia oido, habria q buscar a ver.

Mich said...

Me refería a Serenity.
Thx! :D