Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mis 5 Vainitas

Peeps, taba barajando esto pero como dicen por ahi, la 3ra es la vencida. No more tags que aqui les va!

Vainita 1: Tengo Hambre
Soy casi un hobbit. Si fuese mas pequeña con los pies mas grandes y comiera 1 vez mas al dia, hubiese salido en The Lord of The Rings como la novia de Frodo.

Los hombres me dicen que siempre tengo hambre. Pero mi comida generalmente es mas barata, so se compensa. Para hacer planes, suelo incluir comida.

Vainita 2: Love Dove
De la linea Dove uso: Face Care Self-Foaming Cleanser, Face Care Alcohol-Free Toner, Face Care Day Lotion, Powder Scented Anti-perspirant Deodorant, Exfoliator o Verao Body Soap (1/4 lotion), y Nutri Sensitive Body Lotion.

Mi baño parece una tienda de Dove. Todavia me falta implementar la linea de hair care. Eso vendra pero es que tengo como mil shampoos ahi y se me quedan cuando voy al salon. Tendre que regalarlos.

Vainita 3: Eso Tiene
Leo los ingredientes de todo antes de comprar cualquier cosa por si tiene algun ingrediente no vegetariano. Igual, en los restaurantes etc. suelo preguntar eso tiene tal cosa? O mas facil, que no tiene carne, ni huevo, ni leche?

Cuando pido pizza o tacos vegetarianos sin queso me miran raro y/o gritan QUE? Me han enviado las pizzas con queso, y las devuelvo para que me traigan la orden correcta.

Vainita 4: Before Sunrise
Relacionando con mis first 2 taggers, AniCh y Libelula, en las mañanas me doy mi yummy shower y medito diariamente, y varias veces a la semana estiro mis musculos y huesos haciendo Hatha Yoga.

Me gusta estar en silencio y prefiero no salir de mi habitacion ni hablar con nadie hasta despues que termino de meditar y luego reflexiono sobre algo. Disfruto mucho del silencio y de este tiempo conmigo.

Vainita 5: Mi Blog
Desde ke prendo la PC abro mi blog y mi Gmail en 2 ventanas apartes. Despues ke escribo sobre mi morning reflection, la leo, edito y reposteo, entonz chekeo otros blogs.

Siempre me pregunto que me toca aprender de mis experiencias presentes y deso escribo en mi blog. Lo leo varias veces al dia pa que se me entre en el caco. A veces la gente piensa que escribo de otra gente y en realidad me estoy hablando a mi.

Bonus Vainita
Querer ser taaan “You’re free to choose." que en realidad doy el mensaje de “I don’t give a fuck.” Como si me diera lo mismo, y no es asi. I do care. Muchly. More than I show. Esto pasa porque en cierto aspecto me parezco a mi 3rd tagger, Dr_Zeuss.

You’re IT!
My Daughter & Partner in Hair Coloring Crime: AmZ
Aunque fueramos 2 flores nos hubiesemos encontrado: Agu

Another glasses wearing Scorpio with a neat outlook on life: Yams
El aplicado doctor que no va a comer bien hasta esa fecha: Edu
The guy who knows the songs I know & appreciates lyrics: Mauro

Bonus Tag:
El not cheesy pop/tap dancin'/boys band/happy-happy-joy-joy music lover...que no esta en el same boy group que el Tony! Sino con el Ed Timberlake: Willie



local wannabe said...

...I have been doing yoga for quite some time but in september I started my 3 year journey in preparing my body/mind/ spirit for kriya yoga. Kriya yoga originated somewhere in Tibet and was originally kept secret and transferred only by guru disciple relationship. It is distiguishable from raja and layayoga in that it recognizes our minds inborn tendency to wander and uses is to achieve the same goals as concentration. For example lets suppose our minds are an out of control wild horse comming straight at us at immense speeds. Raja using meditation will try and force the horse to stop without moving out of the way. Kriya would be like jumping on the horse and sterring it towards the direction you want to go. The thing that I love about yoga is that essentially it all builds up to the same thing, once you're on the horse you learn to tame and end up at the same level of concentration as any other path. It is all in essence the same path, just different perspectives. Anyways, I recently started chanting AUM (though not in the conventional sense -more on this in a couple entries) a bit every morning and every afternoon in addition to my regular practice. The whole philosphy behind mantra chanting blows my mind away and how it can separate your body's natural istinct towards pleasure seeking is even more baffling. Granted, this is only the very very beginning for me but still you begin to realize there's a whole other world out there beyond the grasp of our regular senses, one that can be realized by anyone who just dedicates a little time a day towards personally exploring its characteristics. The past month my meditation practice involved laying in the corpse posture and jsut becomming aware of my heart beat, then pulse on my wrists, then pulse on any part of the body you try and focus on. Then for 40 breaths you feel the air go in and out your nose, then your throat, then your lungs and finally the expansion of the abdomen. Tomorrow morning I begin month 5 of the program and a new meditation technique which ive only tried a couple of times previously. It is called Anuloma Viloma and Prana Shuddhi. The practice basically involves sitting in a comfortable position with the eyes closedand visualizing you breath entering from one nostril, then out the other, and after five rounds of that, in thorugh both and out both. It helps build a skill for visualization whihc is essential in the more advanced practices. It also stimulates ajna chakra, though probably not as effective in doing so in the context for which I'm performing it right now. Anyways again, I read a bit about your guru and I invite you to read a little about "mine." Just follow the cat, he knows where to go (the entries are 2/13, 2/16, 2/19 respectively). Wow, i feel I've talked more than enough and haven't even scratched the surface of all I want to say. Keep up your pre-sunrise routine. It's a nice "vaina" to have...

Chelle said...

wow! long comment! hehe

i'm glad you're finding your path. yoga is very ample.

i would just like to clear up that there are many things called meditation which are technically not. what u did in the corpse pose was a form of relaxation (meditation should not be done in that pose), and the next type you described is a form of visualization. meditation itself is something else. and it does not require concentration or visualization of any kind. :) devanand's school teaches the differences between those. but i know a million things are taught under this name.
if kriya works for you, palante! thanks for the invite to ur blog! and if you'd like to continue sharing about this, i would suggest email-

it is my favorite vainita. :)

MAURO said...

el fuiche que le dio al wanabe.... jejeje
sorry es que de hablar con tanto santiaguero se me pego. jejjjejjeje... i feel flatered another countdown im in. jejejejeje y feel liike ciying in sooooooo excited. amiga. vainita, vainita, vainita...... #1 trueeee doy fe de eso jejejeje. #2 es obio que la publicidad funciona en ti jajajajaja. #3 ok hum.....hum.... ok!!!!!! #4 cooooollllll i pray!!!!!!!! #5 yo lo tengo abandonado dentro de poco pedira que lo adopten. #6 not true u do give a F***!!!!!

MAURO said...

u been bussy!!!!!!

Chelle said...

maurooooo! :D i do, i do! jejeje i just have to show it more sometimes. :S

and yes i have! :P you, on the contrary... ;)

* Pony said...

hoolla!!.. hmmm yo soy otro que lo leo to y lo pregunto to..pero no entro en eso coro de vegetariano..o vegetaliano? ahora si fue conmigo... pero me guta comeme mi vegetale, son palte de mi dieta I♥Brocoli

vi por ai que te gusta el yoga.......... woo-hoo que chulo!

AniCh said...

Aii benditooo!!...ya yo habia confirmado todo eso!:P, en realidad os puse en mi list para q otras personas te conocieran mas ...jejejeje

Chelle said...

munkz- ji ji ji :P vegetaliano... makes more sense, doesn't it? pos sho prefiero el coliflor, hehe,
but it's all goood :)

nich- jejeje ayyy, bendito me conoces musho! gla tu nou iu dink it uud be intrestin for oders to nou abau mi. :P