Sunday, February 26, 2006

Perfect, Like She Said

This week has been super cool and mega busy as well. But I have liked the activities it's been involving. Especially... ya know, there's always the highlights... :) Too much has been going on for me to post about, not that I'm much of a diary poster anyway. I post more about the thoughts. But the important thing is not what has happened, or what will happen tomorrow, but what I am living right now.

"In times like these, in times like those,
What will be will be, and so it goes,
And it always goes on and on and on
On and on it goes." -Jack Johnson

But that's not where The Glow comes from, as all these people wonder. I think it's the other way around, that everything is flowing more because of The Glow. It comes from within. I am a
Wunderkind, I guess. Hearing that so much, maybe I'll believe it. Bleh! If Jesus said any person could do everything that he did and more... we're all potential Wunderkinds. We could all smile while we're booze-less. We could all feel loved without waiting for someone outside ourselves to love us.

I'm not on any higher ground or pedestal or know more than you or have it all figured out. I am not from another planet and I don't do or know anything that isn't accessible to everyone. I do believe I'm special, of course, not because of what these men say- because I choose to believe it. But the point is SO ARE YOU. And not because I say it either. Because of the Wunderkindness in each of you... that's what I will choose to see.

Everyone has got to live their own life. :)


local wannabe said...

...I'm from another planet, everyone has whiskers and drinks honey from little clay saucers placed there long ago by the ancient oak spirits that have since moved on to higher realmz...soon, it will be our turn to move to higher realmz, but until then there's always honey in the little clay saucers...

Edwin R. said...

Your doing good Wunderkind! Trust no one but yourself... Only you know what direction you are headed in...

"Sigue tu camino que lo de mas viene a su medido tiempo... :P" - Edwin Reyes... hehe

Chelle said...

low- verda, when you're strange, when you're... strange. :)

edw- lovely quote! jejeje. eso ta cool, quoting urself.

that is true... solo cada kien sabe de verda lo ke esta dentro de uno.