Sunday, March 12, 2006

Whom Can't I Love?

The liar?
The cheater?
The selfish?
The insecure?
The ambivalent?
The nosy?
The bossy?
The deserter?
The bully?
The victim?
The doubter?
The disrespectful?
The scary?
The different?

Well, why on Earth not? If I can love myself, I can love whomever!

(Thinking good thoughts of u. Thanks4beingsocool. :) LOVE that.)


local wannabe said...

the jealous?
the spiteful?
the imposer?
the conceited?
the stubborn?
the square?
the absent minded?
the vengeful?

Chelle said...

why not? them too! :)

۞ D said...

we all have the seeds to grow these things in us. under different circumstances, we could potentially play any of these roles... we are here to learn... how can I learn from others if I hate them? if I hate myself?

Hobici said...


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Have a nice day

Chelle said...

exactly... if all of these can be or have been qualities in myself, and i can still love me, why the heck can't i love other people who also express these things from time to time? and why should they be surprised that i do?