Thursday, April 20, 2006

Adios Means To GOD :)

Funny. If you've read this blog before you might have noticed that I use the phrase "forward and up" quite often, meaning that is the direction in which one should head- or rather in which I prefer to head- because the ultimate goal is reuniting with God, and that is the way to go if you ever want that... which we all eventually do.

Well, I had read this before, more than once, but I had never noticed the use of the same words for the same idea.

"If one could transform into paper all the trees and plants of the universe and turn into ink all the waters of the oceans, it would still not be sufficient to write in respect of the Eternal glories, marvels and grandeur of the All Mighty Creator and his Creation. Just as a deep mine of the purest gold cannot be found at the surface level, its rich veins will only reward those who have the patience to carry the lamp of faith for many years- even during times of darkness- and firmly maintain the flame of access to the Absolute Truth, until somehow or somewhere, by the Grace of a Great Master or Guru, our inner flame will guide us forward and upward into the presence of the Creator himself, and we find that which is revealed to some and not to others."

Y es k that's what Yoga means: Union With God. :) You know, things and ppl shouldn't be judged by appearances. Different words and different teachers and paths CAN lead to the same end. After becoming tired of a life of emptiness and suffering, we will all someday realize that illusion we buy as real life is without meaning or lasting joy until we integrate one crucial ingredient. Any way you look at it: God is the ultimate goal.

Big Love!


Mich said...

"No se inquieten por nada; más bien, en toda ocasión, con oración y ruego, presenten sus peticiones a Dios y denle gracias" (Filipenses 4:6)

Chelle said...

asi es... el siempre sabe por que... :D