Friday, April 21, 2006

Changes & Coincidences

  • I have changed my blog's email address, because I love Gmail. So all of you that have written to or added the previous address to your Messenger, please replace it with:
  • I had been reading about the concept of Shama lately (which means the calmness of mind you experience when you maintain your mind's focus on The Goal- or God) and a series of things happened relating that word. Ppl talking about that kind of calm, a God-loving blogger who uses that word for her blog name, that being the central theme of the retreat (not with the word, but the idea), a friend of mine who doesn't know I've been reading about it just says that word to me after the retreat as if I would understand- and I did, and a co-worker at lunch pointing at her head and saying "Shama"... I rest my case.
  • New news which are quite life altering and blessing filled- a superb challenge for all involved and an opportunity for big love and bonds to be strenghtened. As he said, you can look at this like OMG I don't have the tools to deal with this, or his chosen approach, OMG I have to look for and develop the tools to deal with this. The same amount of energy goes into whining and paralyzing yourself, and getting your butt moving and working with it. I think the smartest approach is the one that'll make your life more pleasant. Definitely solving things!
  • I am at the right place, at the right time.
  • People I love are experiencing big changes, and so am I. And thru loving support and sharing, I think we can all be enriched and make these processes smoother and better.
  • My family members read my Shama Rocks post. Only my older brother comes in here. But that post, in which I happened to mention something about my family, was read by the rest that same day. And they commented about it when I got home! Well, I know they had noticed that already, but it was weird; the coincidence.
  • I'm so much into divinity lately, and I'm finding more bloggers directly expressing the same things I'm feeling and openly showing love for the Awesomest One. Ain't that cool?
  • Respect is a-flowing, all around. Respect for different ways of being, respect for choices, respect for changes of mind and heart.
  • There's also a growing interest in ppl making their lives better. I love that.
  • BBG!!! A calling to practice loving nonattachment.


AniCh said...

soooo true :P

Chelle said...

jejeje llea :P

Mich said...

"There's also a growing interest in ppl making their lives better. I love that."

Pienso igual, hay personas que ya como q se 'tan cansando de vivir la "vieja vida"... y claro I love that too! :)

Chelle said...

ay si, k aperow :D

Chelle said...

it takes courage to do that