Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Borrowed Quote

Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.
Margaret Thatcher
That goes on with the less is more theme.
If you have to say you know a lot, you probably don't. The wisest people on Earth have run the risk of looking like fools to the rest of humanity. They have spoken their truth when the time came to do it, but they never argued over being right, and never disrespected others' opinions. (Jesus is an example.) Funny... Wise men prefer to look like fools instead of wasting their energy stupidly, and those who struggle to show how much they know, those who appear like they know it all... are the real fools.
That can be applied to so many things... love, for instance. If you have to try too hard to show someone you love them, then you probably don't really love them that way. Or if you have to prove to others how secure you are and how you don't care about what ppl think, then you're probably really insecure and do mind what goes on in heads about you.
Ppl can try to fake it- to fake anything. But the truth will always end up coming to light. You're going to shine your reality through in other ways. That's why today ppl study Christ's teachings, and why some relationships end when something that happend many years ago suddenly emerges. The truth... will pop up sooner or later.  The truth, hard as it can be sometimes, is yummier than any bull.
We've got such a long way to go and so much to let go of... Yeah, we must keep walking.


Mich said...

keep walking and keep working my friend!
u're right tocash... "the truth, HARD AS IT can be sometimes, is YUMMIER than any bull.

\/ (esto puede paracer unos deditos de peace, no? :P bueeeno hice el intento jeje)

XOXO!!!!!! :)

Chelle said...


e k uno se simplifica taaanto... o sea, u deal with it y sigues palante, pero saliste deso y sabes lo k hay. se siente mejor...

and keep working, jeje, good point!

big hug tocash! and V! :P

Mich said...

yep! it's like: ok "the truth" *sigh* and then :D

Chelle said...

why live in a world of bullshit?