Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Not a Poem, Just Typed Thoughts

Yes, I forgave you
Long ago
But that doesn't make me

I somehow still see
So much beauty in you
The immense appreciation I experience
When I think of you

Yet I'm not blind
And though I choose innocence and love
And I enjoy the jokes
I am not ignorant of reality

Sometimes it saddens me up a bit
And I make an effort to remember all the wonders
That I know I know of you
That I'm sure I'm sure exist

I will continue to focus on the good in you
I will continue to hope for your overcoming that
I will continue to wish you develop the lighter side of you
In such a way that the darker will be illuminated and diminished

But I will also continue taking care of me
And choosing wisely to whom my heart is exposed.
Right now it's not you
Cus I gotta love me too. :)


::over-whelmed:: said...

even i smiled at the end

Chelle said...


jυlιssα ت said...

Me encanta cuando leo algo y se parece que lo escribieron para mi!!! jajaja

Very true! :P

Saludos! ^^
Letras Sueltas

Mich said...

i will also continue... :)
tú estás bien clara en el asunto este de pasearte en el tren de la vida, so... keep working! like the rest of us q también tenemos interés en crecer cada día más.

\/ & blessings!

Chelle said...

εïз- :P eso es cul cuando uno se keda dike ey!

tocash- bueh, hehe, el camino es larrrgo y me falta muuuucho pero ahi voy- aunke vaya cojeando, palante y parriba es el asunto.