Tuesday, June 06, 2006

When the World Ends

When the world ends
We'll be sweet makin love
When the world is over
We'll just be beginning.

All this talk about the world ending and such reminds me of that Dave Matthews Band song called When the World Ends. Love that song... it's sooo... well, you can read the rest and make up your own mind. :P (BTW, tributo el sabado en el Rincon de la Zona. See u there.)

I hope you had a good night's sleep last night. :)

And what if the world ended? Would that mean we should stop living before it does? Isn't it smarter to enjoy this life while it lasts? You know how many things we can do right now? I'm still alive, aren't you?

And if it ends, does that really mean we would stop living? That's like saying we couldn't walk without shoes. Or that feet only exist when they have shoes on. Are feet not there when we are barefoot?

Feelin much love today! Beijos! :D


Nelly said...

maybe we stop living, but never stop existing...

Mich said...

i'm glad that im alive!
i wouldn't miss the things that i've been living and lived...
God made us for something so... we're here, let's take advantage of it! :)


Mich said...

nuestro cuerpo dejará de vivir pero nuestro espíritu es eterno :)

Ludwig Wilhelm Szczepaniak said...

Dave Matthews Band-When The World Ends

When the world ends
Collect your things
Youre coming with me
When the world ends
You tuckle up yourself with me
Watch it as the stars disappear to nothing
The day the world is over
Well be lying in bed

Im gonna rock you like a baby when the cities fall
We will rise as the buildings crumble
Float there and watch it all
Amidst the burning, well be churning
You know, love will be our wings
The passion rises up from the ashes
When the world ends

When the world ends
Youre gonna come with me
Were going to be crazy
Like a river bends
Were going to float
Through the criss cross of the mountains
Watch them fade to nothing
When the world ends
You know thats whats happening now
Im going to be there with you somehow, oh...

Im going to tie you up like a baby in a carriage car
Your legs wont work cause you want me so
You just lie spread to the wall
The love you got is surely
All the love that I would ever need
Im going to take you by my side
And love you tall, til the world ends

Oh, but dont you worry about a thing
No, cause I got you here with me
Dont you worry about a
Just you and me
Floating through the empty, empty
Just you and me
Oh, graces
Oh, grace

Oh, when the world ends
Well be burning one
When the world ends
Well be sweet makin love
Oh, you know when the world ends
Im going to take you aside and say
Lets watch it fade away, fade away
And the worlds done
Ours just begun
Its done
Ours just begun

Were gonna dive into the emptiness
Well be swimming
Im going to walk you through the pathless roads
Im going to take you to the top of the mountain thats no longer there
Im going to take you to bed and love you, I swear
Like the end is here

Im going to take you up to
Im going to take you down on you
Im going to hold you like an angel, angel

Im going to love you
Im going to love you
When the world ends
Im going to hold you
When the world is over
Well just be beginning...

Chelle said...

haha, thanks for the lyrics!

Medicinae Doctoris said...

The world never ends... but wen you die is another thing

dirat said...

hay que ver el lado positivo de todo. si el mundo se acaba hoy, no tengo que seguir pagandole al banco.

* Pony said...

se bacaba!!!!! a la 6, en el capitulo 6, de la pagina 6, del articulo 6, de la ley 6, del cd 6, en el track 6, en el minuto 6.....................ALARMA!!, el ritmo FATAL!!!

que.chopo =P

Chelle said...


funny ppl! :P