Friday, July 07, 2006

Can YOU hear the Mosquitone?

This is funny.

Store owners at US malls seeked a tool that would keep trouble making teenagers away from their stores- away from scaring potential customers away.

And what did they create? A ringtone for kids to use in class that their teachers can't hear! Well, they didn't intend to. But this high frequency buzz is so high pitched that older people aren't able to register it. So now kids can get calls while in class and only they can hear their phones ring.

My brother shared this with me this afternoon. Our mother couldn't hear it.

What about you? Can YOU hear the Mosquitone?

WARNING: It's annoying and makes you feel pressure in your head.


principemestizo said...

interesante, interesante.

Mich said...

interesting??? or ... r we getting old??!!! :P

pero está interesante si

\/! :)