Sunday, July 09, 2006

I Am Big Pen a Meter

We often sit and wish someone would come
And pick up all our trash and stash away
All of those troubles that we have begun
Instead of mending them we've gone astray
We've never felt the heaviness of load
Not brave enough to take the swinging batter
Tried hard to have ourselves not getting towed
Acting at all times like it does not matter
Avoiding does not get us anywhere
Accumulating unsolved issues past
While we pretend we live a life that's fair
Sowing the not so fun kind of a blast
The unresolved surfaces in our face
To make things right and have us do what's meant
To be the kind of man that lives in grace
And wish we'd had our past time better spent.

God bless.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better. It's not.

Dr. Seuss


local wannabe said...

... how was your Guru Purnima? ...

dirat said...

pasando a saludar,
espero que este bien.

Medicinae Doctoris said...

no creas que me he olvidado te ti...

Agus said...

Unresolved, undone things cause stress, lets take care of bad could it really be? We will never know unless we try.

Chelle said...

lo- hey there! just fine, from what i can see. :P did you do anything special?

dir- holaaa! si, muy bien! espero que igual! :D

med- tampoco yo :P sigue asi!

ags- oh yeahhh... funny, last night we spoke about that... i might write a post about it.

pero si, the pressure builds up until you inevitably have to face it... as you say, we won't know unless we try... giving ourselves the chance to find out is a great self-gift.

Mich said...

just do it??? :P

Chelle said...

ay si... mientras mas uno lo piensa y lo pospone es peor.

eso me acuerda a the way of the peaceful warrior cuando dice:

what time is it?

where are you?

the time is always now... the place is always here.