Tuesday, July 25, 2006

no one is better than anyone. everyone is learning the things we have to learn at the different times we're meant to learn em. no one is above or below. we are all where we should be.

i can only be sure of my priorities and goals, not of yours. i have to take care of mine, you have to take care of yours. even if we motivate and support each other in the process.

i am the one i have to deal with. i am the one who has to deal with me. i cannot expect you to solve my issues, nor should i wish this. i have to continue doing more things for me.

i can love you, but i cannot love you for you. that's like trying to chew your food and swallow it for it to go to your stomach. there's some things you gotta do for yourself.

stash away the savior complex, or better yet, delete it. the best way of helping others is helping yourself. that's like if you wanna be huge on charity, the best way to do it is to first get lots of money. you can't give lots of money if you don't have lots of money. and if you help yourself, you will automatically say nicer things, have a stronger arm when you need to lend a hand, and give a more inspiring example.

being is better than talking. talk if you ARE, not if you're NOT. meaning what you say and saying what you mean simplifies life beautifully.


jυlιssα ت said...

True, true, true...
Y me encanto la ultima frase!!!
:O Hay tanta gente en el mundo esperando cosas de los demas... que los entiendan, que los quieran, que los acepten... Cuando ni ellos mismos se entienden, se quieren o se aceptan...
Uno tiene que dar el primer paso :D

Saludos ^^

Mich said...

"i have to continue doing more things for me."

yo siempre decía "keep working!" jeje. ahora me recordé and i'm gonna use it everyday :)


dirat said...

Haz leido a Antony de Mello?
publicó varias recopilaciones del saber humano universal que pienso te podrían interesar.
saludos y ya sabes lo demas.
que continue la busqueda.

Chelle said...

jul- ay, si, estoy super de acuerdo contigo- uno tiene que dar el primer paso. y dejar de esperar que otros te den lo que tu mismo te puedes dar.

mich- que bien, es que de eso es que se trata, de cada quien hacer su propio trabajo.

dir- siii, el cura yoga! :P (o sea, padre cristiano que estudio la filosofia yoga.) a una de mis mejores amigas (catolica) le encanta el. muy cul recomendacion, gracias.

Luima said...

Nice blog, congrats

annush said...

"Mean what you say and say what you mean..."

I live by that...


Kiki A.Ortiz said...

(gracias por la recomendacion del curacurayogacura)
:)!!pa ti

Agus said...

Nice post Michi. One of the things which I am still working on is for my thought to equal my word and my word to be the same as my action. Therefore Thinking, Saying and Doing become one.

Love ya!

Pelucko Slim said...

super cool, me encanta tu blog!!!

Chelle said...

luima- thanksh :P

nush- es tan mas cul asi... no hay k tar pensando cual version del asunto se le dijo a quien... namas se dice lo k hay y ya. :)

kikz- for u too! (tiene videos y cosa tambien el, bien cul)

ags- yeah, it's an ongoing process :) pero everytime you do it, and as u do it more, things become easier to deal with. love u too! :D

pel- jeje, grathiash :P