Tuesday, August 08, 2006

If only more people could see…

"Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man." -Mahatma Gandhi

If only more people could see…

Negativity + Negativity = More Negativity.

That equation doesn’t solve anything. It just makes it worse.

Seriously, we’ve got to start thinking about adding more to the other side… for the necessary balance.

Hate is to be faced with love, fear with certainty, doubt with faith, lies with truth, ugliness with beauty, chaos with harmony, sadness with bliss… and so on.

Negativity + Positivity = The Only Real Solution.

This isn’t some romantic ideal, it is a fact. It is pure mathematics. Use your head and you will see.

Think of any time you’ve encountered any conflict. When you’ve reacted with anger and resistance, you’ve unequivocally fueled the fire. When you’ve reacted with understanding and a clear mind, you’ve certainly contributed to getting closer to progress. Ok, sometimes the other person is mentally stuck in the conflict, but your responsibility is not to fix their point of view, it is to do your part right. You've got to be mindful of your own contribution, of which side of the equation you're augmenting, in spite of the other's choice.

And to do what’s right, we certainly need an open heart, but it is equally true that we also need a working head.


Haz said...

we need to change ourselves and the way we think and act, then the rest will come along :)

MaK said...

Chelle... como dice haz.. pimero nosotros y luego nuestro entorno

Chelle said...

lovely. :)

me alegra ver esos comentarios, pues asi mismo es. el cambio es de adentro pa' afuera, no al reves.

gracias. :)

Mich said...

"but your responsibility is not to fix their point of view, it is to do your part right." (((aplausos)))

nunca, nunca pero nunca tratemos de arreglar el punto de vista del otro.

Chelle said...


*chelle bows in appreciation*

e ke imaginate, es la del diantre. cada kien tiene su razon de ser, uno no puede pretender cambiar a otro. por eso el respeto es bien cul. :)

ademas, por ejemplo, quien soy yo para decir que yo puedo arreglar a otro? kisas ni estaria arreglando nada, sino perjudicando- ignorante al fin. :P

anyway eso ta bien k cada kien sea si mismo, pero por lo menos ke le demos un chin de mente a QUE nos mueve a ser como somos. :)


Demetrix said...

Muy acertado!, predicar con el buen ejemplo... nice blog, an thanks for the comments!!

Chelle said...

:D thankz!

asi es... que tu lo vivas dice mas que que tu lo digas :D

alfonso said...

i love your smile

Chelle said...

:D :D :D :D :D

Mich said...

jaja si a alfonso le pagaran por el comment fuera millonario ;P J/K!

tocash! es cierto "que tu lo vivas dice mas que que tu lo digas :D"... hacer, practicar, vivir lo que predicamos pq si solo es de la boca para fuera qué estamos haciendo?

otra cosa... y claro que uno debe de darle su mentecita a pq somos como somos, revisarnos tutti giorni per esempio.

joy and \/!

Anonymous said...

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