Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Peace Generators

This is from (aka It's a post from Dr. Chopra himself, which I very much liked. He provides a few reminders on the focus we should have for generating peace. I thought it was awesome and really appropriate for the way part of our world is right now. I copied just a few parts of it, you can click here to read the full post. :)
Peace, Love, Truth & Harmony

Where Is Peace In a Time of War?
I'm in contact with many peace workers, especially in the Middle East (...) Reading her first-hand account of what it feels like to stand for peace in a raging war zone moved me deeply. I wanted to give a few points that may help all of us who are asking ourselves, "Is it realistic to hope for a new kind of humanity when the same old aggressions keep coming back?"

1. Change doesn't start on the surface. It's generated from consciousness. (...) Our strength comes from critical mass.
2. We aren't here to make the world evolve. We are here to evolve as individuals and then to spread that influence. (...)
3. Societies get into the grip of their own self-created story. (...) Let us only notice and observe ourselves when we buy into it and then let us back away from participating in it.
4. Let us not demand of ourselves that we alone must be the agent of change. (...)
5. Let us realize that engagement and detachment aren't opposite--the more engaged we become, the more detached we will have to be. Otherwise, we will lose ourselves in conflict, obsessiveness, anxiety over the future, and feelings of guilt and inadequacy. (...)
6. Since most misery is born of failed expectations let us learn to minimize expectations so that we will feel far less guilt and disappointment.
7. We aren't here to be good or perfect. (...) As one wise teacher said, "You aren't here to be as good as possible. You are here to be as real as possible."
8. I know this sounds difficult, but let us try to be tolerant of intolerance. This is a hard one at times, but if you try the opposite--showing a hard heart against those with hard hearts of their own -- all we've done is expand the problem. (...)
9. Let us resist the lure of dualities. These include us versus them, civilized versus barbarians, good versus evil. (...)
10. Let's create an atmosphere of peace around ourselves. (...)

Posted by Deepak Chopra at July 31, 2006 10:32 AM


Agus said...

Very helpful...we, or I need to remind myself about the important things in Life. Numbers 5-10 stand out the most for me.

Thanks, for the post and much more!

florecita said...

For peace from within... so every soul in the Universe can create peace... healing and love are just part of our hearts...


Chelle said...

ags- there were so many things that jumped out as i read it... really cool. como k reminding us del enfoque adecuado... :)

thank YOU too! :D

flor- esacto.. from within :) that's the only place real peace can come from.