Monday, August 28, 2006

queen of imperfection

i am the queen of imperfection
i've things to fix in, out and all around
i am restless and imprudent
i've yet to learn fine balance
i am the queen of misdirection
for fears i stop and wait and screen
i am excuse filled and arrogant
i've yet to dare to make some choices
yet it is not less of a truth
that i was born with the opposite in me too
one is never handed the fight without the arms
if i've got the difficulty, i've also the tools
and that is fucking reassuring. :)

(current song on my repeat list: 'spinning' by zero 7)


Demetrix said...

All the human beings are imperfect, the only perfect it's the life an the creation.


Chelle said...

yeah :)

only god is perfect...