Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Universal Accounting

Let me not look to get, but see to give.
Let me not beg for love, but love instead.
Let me not want to be heard, but rather listen.
Let me not squeeze another when I should pour myself.

I know that when one seeks to receive, only suffering is found, for we never seem to get enough back. We give and invest and spend and sacrifice for others, and when we run our inventory on them, there seems to be only loss and not gain. Oh, how ignorant are we! How blind and limited and silly! It is obvious that those of us who think like this do not have a clue about universal accounting.

In actuality, we get exactly in return for what we give.

Life is fair. Very fair. She is the fairest one of all. Most of us are clueless about true fairness. Just because we are not open enough to see the big picture, just because we don't understand exactly how it is that what we give comes back to us, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

The thing is that we do not always get from the sources we become needlessly attached to. In a universe so grand, with so many people and infinite kinds of situations, do you seriously believe that the only way you can get an "I love you" back is from the one person you said it to today? And does that amount and quality of love have to be returned only with those words from that person, or only with those words from anyone, or only with words? You don't think that you can receive love in other ways from even strangers that look at you or help you pick up something you dropped, or hold the door for you, in loving silence? Or getting a call from your brother? Or an email from your best friend? Or missing a flight when something inconvenient was about to happen?

Instead of refuting or whining or complaining, if we do not like or agree with what we are receiving, then let's make a stop and observe ourselves. Life is like a business- its awe is going to develop or dwindle depending on our intelligent investments. So let's think for a bit... what are we investing? What are we giving that is producing what we are experiencing right now? And we need to be real honest here.

If I'm not getting as many "I love you's" as I would like, well, how many times am I saying it to myself or others? Just how much love am I feeling in here and putting out there? And THAT is what we have to work on.

Come on, we've all heard it so much before. It's old news! "You get what you give."

Do we ever stop to think about it?


florecita said...

El mundo es un espejito... así como adentro es afuera... hay que ser responsable, aunque las sombras duelan y reconocer que estamos co-creando nuestra realidad...

Chelle said...

asi es hermana co-creadora :D

Mich said...

jeje es cierto... noticias viejas! "siempre cosecharemos lo que sembramos".


Chelle said...

si ombe... y con to y eso somos tan cabezaduras!