Monday, August 21, 2006

The Sacred Basil Wood Transfer

I must say...
That I noticed...
There's so much beauty...
And despite...
So what, you know?
So what?
Do not feel judged
Unless you judge yourself
And if you do
Know that you don't have to
Not anymore...
Love you as you are
You must accept yourself first
In order to make you better
If there is something
You are afraid I will reject
It's probably because you're not at peace with it
So if you choose to change it
Though I hope that you do
That shouldn't make you do it
It should be intended for you
The question should not be
What I think of you
But what you choose to think of yourself
That is what you will transmit to me
And that is what I will embrace
I said it to you when you asked...
The most important thing
Is for you to be yourself.

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