Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sadly So Many

it's always going to be the same with the feeble minded
enough of this crap, when are you going to have enough
to say that that's enough?????

what is the point?
what can you expect from the pathetically lacking in force or effectiveness? from the vigorless, inert, self-damaging in choosing?

the same thing that they choose for themselves

is what they will give to you. nothing more.

is that what you want?


Agus said...

No Thanks!!! Taking out "the garbage" to make room for the useful and practical...

Michi, you keep hitting the spot with your posts...

Love ya,

Chelle said...

hey gurl,

i wrote that about a year ago i think... but i came back to it periodically, eventually realizing the same thing again and again. it happened once more, and i added the last line and decided to post it...

yeah, garbage takes up valuable space.

love U2! daisies are cool! :P