Sunday, September 17, 2006


I've changed the bigger box for the smaller one
The thoughtless splurges for the planned with list acquiring
Replaced solutionless looking with the in and out solving
I am transitioning

I am leaving behind the jumping blindly into
Contemplating the contemplating before the decision making
Ruling out what I've already learned doesn't work, even when I don't want to
I am transitioning

I'll find a comfortable spot on the new side
And if I don't, I'll make myself a comfortable spot, especially inside
But without attachment, because soon, very soon
I'll be transitioning again, yet further, to another side.

Atreyu anyone?


Anonymous said...

definitly :)

spitandvinegar said...

I do love Atreyu... *le sigh*

principemestizo said...


Agus said...

Movimiento Constante...Transicion a cada momento!

Chelle said...


change... is constant... :)

gotta use it for welcoming the better, right?