Monday, October 09, 2006


anti-life. that's what it means.
but of course, we already knew that.
right?... right?! is that how we're being? huh?
why just exist and not live? why function on automatic?
why not dare make bold moves, try new things, break the mold?
why the safe mode all the time? why not feel more? what's to lose?
oh, freedom! how i aspire to... you inspiring me!


Agus said...

Hi Michi...great change,might be seeing you soon...


Anonymous said...

Toy contigo!!!! Un abrazote!


Chelle said...

gu, thanks y que cool! and change related, tengo k decirte algo de blogspot... si te veo, ma mejol! :P

flor- igualsh! e k si... hay k vivir! :D (y comer bien tambien, en el trayecto...)

Nelly said...

uff. "why not dare to make bold moves?" loved that....i also think like that, and normally express that, i just dont understand how people in this time and age still care about trivial things! live life to its fullest, be happy, and be yourself. loved this post tons.

Chelle said...

nels- ay si... es taaan mejor como dices. hay que atreverse a VIVIR, no basta con solo existir.