Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Life Is My School and God Is the Headmaster

I feel as though I am a full project, a science experiment.
I have to do research about things I want to improve and learn to do better.
I create my hypotheses and try them out for theories or bull.
I am in constant development and tweaking.
I have to find out what works with me and what doesn't.
I am being constantly tested.
I have to focus on fixing separate parts, but also make sure the whole is improved.
I spend endless hours figuring out how to make it a winner.
Meanwhile this project is on eternal display, everything on real time.
And, ironically, the only judge is its Creator.


Sonia said...

You this is a very nice philosophy. I spend most of my day in a school so the metaphor hits home for me.
P.S. Thanks for landing on my planet, come back anytime :)

dirat said...

sometimes, lfe seems senseless.
and precisely because of that, we have to live it right. that´s what existentialist, Arbert Camus used to say.
and if we consider ourselves spirituals creature, life must be lived right too. and we must try to improve every day.

Chelle said...

son- i know what u mean... and thanks, i like travelling. :D

dir- i agree. si vivimos sin sentido, pues nuestra vida sera asi mismito. nos toca darle sentido, encontrar mejores maneras de vivir.